Corporate Info
AMC Networks International is a leading international broadcaster and creator of television channels across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. With entertainment, factual, sports, movies, children's and lifestyle television, its channels offer a variety of programming to captivate all viewers.

AMC Networks International - UK manages a portfolio of twelve channel brands including AMC, Sundance TV, Extreme Sports Channel and Eva. AMCNI - UK also operates a number of joint venture, partnership and managed channel services in the EMEA region, including Outdoor Channel as well as a portfolio of 8 entertainment channels across 13 EMEA feeds with CBS Studios, including CBS Justice, CBS Reality, CBS Drama, CBS Action, CBS Europa and Horror Channel.
Zone Vision Networks founded by Chris Wronski to provide satellite links for events throughout Central and Eastern Europe
Chris Sharp joins and forms a programme sales and channel representation division
Zone Vision Networks expands to include a languaging studios division
Launch of first homegrown thematic channel; Romantica in Poland and Hungary
Launch of european film channel Europa (Le Cinema) in Poland and Hungary
Launch of Reality TV across Europe
Expansion of Romantica across the rest of Central and Eastern Europe
Launch of Europa in Latin America (now operated by sister Liberty Global, Inc. company Pramer) Dermot Shortt appointed CEO
Advent Capital finance
Launch of Reality TV in the UK
Launch of Reality TV in Asia
Launch of Reality TV in Latin America (now operated by sister company Pramer)
Launch of channel Reality TV Japan - a joint venture with Jupiter TV Acquisition of Club from Chellomedia (3 channels) Chellomedia acquires 87.5% of Zonevision
Launch of Reality TV + 1 in the UK Acquisition of the The Horror Channel in the UK
Launch of second Reality TV channel in Europe Acquisition of the Everyday Jiayi block in China (an international programming block on popular television channel CCTV-8)
Launch of The Horror Channel in the UK  
Launch of Fantasy channel in Italy Rebrand of Zone Vision Networks to Zonemedia
Launch of Reality Extra in the UK Rebrand of channels under the Zone banner
Launch of Zone Europa in Hungary
Launch of Zone Thriller channel in the UK
Launch of Romantica in Romania - a joint venture with Realitatea Acquisition of the Extreme Sports Channel from Chellomedia (4 channels) Chellomedia acquires remaining 12.5% of Zone
Launch of Zone Romantica in the UK Acquisition of Italian pre-school channel JimJam and joint venture with HIT Entertainment
Launch of JimJam in Italy
Launch of JimJam in Central Europe    
Launch of dedicated Zone Reality feed for Poland
Launch of JimJam in the Middle East, Russia, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Asia and Portugal
Launch of the Hollywood Channel in the Middle East
Transfer of Zone Europa, Zone Romantica Poland, Zone Romantica Hungary, Romantica in Romania, Zone Club Poland and Zone Club Hungary to sister company Chello Central Europe

Launch of JimJam service on Air New Zealand

Launch of JimJam in Indonesia, Belgium and Israel

Relaunch of Chello Zone's UK entertainment portfolio as CBS Chello Zone UK Channels - a partnership with CBS Studios International

Launch of Zone Club in Africa

Launch of Food Network in the UK - with Scripps Networks International

Launch of Polsat JimJam in Poland - a joint venture channel with Telewizja Polsat

Extreme Sports Channel forms partnership with to relaunch

Rebrand of Zone Reality, Zone Romantica and Zone Thriller UK channels under the CBS banner

Joint venture formed with Scripps Networks International to launch lifestyle channels across Chello Zone's EMEA footprint

UK channels partnership formed with CBS Studios International

Joint venture agreed with Telewizja Polsat to broadcast and distribute Polsat JimJam in Poland


Launch of Food Network EMEA feed - with Scripps Networks International

Relaunch of Zone Club as Fine Living across EMEA - part of deal with Scripps Networks International

Food Network launches high definition EMEA feed - with Scripps Networks International

Fine Living and Zone Reality expand into Portuguese speaking African territories

Chello Zone launches Outdoor Channel EMEA feed - as part of joint venture deal with Outdoor Channel

Launch of Food Network in Africa and Portugal

Joint venture agreed between Chello Zone and Outdoor Channel in conjunction with ARA Amigos Ireland Ltd to develop Outdoor Channel in EMEA

Chello Zone secures deal to represent Mediaset Italia

Launch of Food Network in Iceland

Launch of Outdoor Channel in Scandinavia, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Portugal

Launch of Extreme Freestylers live arena events in the Netherlands and France

Launch of JimJam timeshift channel in Italy

Relaunch of Fantasy as Horror Channel in Italy


Chello Zone's operational studio business in Eastern Europe acquired by Broadcast Text International (BTI), with long term versioning agreement

Launch of Extreme Sports Channel HD in Italy



AMC Networks Completes Acquisition of Chellomedia

Chellozone rebrands to AMC Networks International